Professional Training on ASP.net Technology 

In Early days of the Web ,i.e before the release of Internet Information Services (IIS), the contents of web pages were largely static. These Web Pages required constantly and manually changes. So ASP.NET came into picture.

What is ASP.NET?
ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages and is developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used to create web pages and
web technologies and is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework. ASP.NET is a very valuable tool for programmers and developers as it allows them to build dynamic, rich web sites and web applications using compiled languages like VB and C#. It allows developers to build very compelling applications by making use of Visual Studio, the development tool provided by Microsoft. ASP.NET is purely server-side technology. It is built on a common language runtime that can be used on any Windows server to host powerful ASP.NET web sites and technologies.

Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) was brought to the market to meet this need. ASP executed on the server side, with its output sent to the user’s web browser, thus allowing the server to generate
dynamic web pages based on the actions of the user.

Few website build on ASP.NET are Marketwatch ,GoDaddy ,VisualStudio ,DELL ans so on.

Courses provided by us.
c, c++, sql, c# (BASIC+ADV),ASP.NET (BASIC+ADV), ASP.net MVC(BASIC).
On addition to the above course we provide basic knowledge of PL\SQL.