Extra income never hurt anyone, especially with the kind of inflation we are facing, everyone looks further into getting something extra for their pocket.

We live in the era where everything is available at a click, so why not turn it into the way of bringing in some extra funds.  Everyone we know has a computer or a laptop and if not these two gadgets, they have a smart phone for sure.

People who has Smart phone, by default has internet on it, as we tend to socialize using various apps and everyone likes to be connected to the outer world using social media platform.  So why not make use of it?!

You can convert these socializing hours into bringing extra income for yourself and it is not tough. In this column we will be discussing of a 5 easiest ways to earn money online without disturbing your current routine.


  1. Audio & Video Transcription: This is something easy, quick & sure way of getting you those extra dollars every month. How tough can it be to listen to an audio or a video and transcribe it into a text format? Not tough right? So get on it. There is multiple website which currently offers this work for people who can spare sometime from their daily schedule and get paid on the completion of the target. It is observed that one can take about an hour for transcribing a 15 minutes audio or video. If you have good listening skills then you can get this done in much less time than the mentioned one. You are free to choose your assignments and do it on your timelines. One of most popular website to get these types of job is Freelancer.com. All you need to do is get a free account over there and start pitching for a work to the companies.


  1. Blogging: Another very easy trick is to get into Blogging. If you are someone who has words to the rescue every time, has good communication skills and can talk on any topic, maybe writing a Blog can come handy. Blogs come under various categories, such as: Personal blogging, Micro- blogging, Reverse Blogging, Corporate Blogging etc. One of the most trending blogging topics are Travel Blogging, Food recipe blogging etc. Blogging has a vast popularity and it has lot of scope for extra income. In this activity for making money online, you can stick paid to click banners where in you will get paid for clicks and ad impressions basis, one of the best and reliable program to monetize your blog is Google Adsense. However getting a Google Adsense account is pretty tough. So, there are couple of more reliable companies present on the web which has a similar blog monetization model like bidvertiser, clicksor etc


  1. Promoting Affiliate’s Program: If you are passionate about promoting anything online, make it your source of income. Sell somebody else’s product by promoting it. In this category, your work becomes very easy as you are just promoting someone else’s hard work. Writing sales copy, maintaining product, customer services, almost everything is done by them, your part is to just promote the product online & get paid on commission!! The easiest way to do it is Email Marketing. Your task is as simple as sending an email to some people. If they click the link mentioned on it, buy the product listed on the linked website, you get paid. Also there are various other strategies to simply mint money online by selling other’s products which would be taught in Digital Marketing courses. Internet is a big place and making it useful by earning through it is the smartest thing you will do. So don’t wait up!


  1. Incentivized Clicks: Browsing through Google we end up clicking on so many websites knowingly or unknowingly. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we start getting paid for visiting some websites?! Well there are a lot of websites like clixsense, that pay their visitors for visiting their website. This is basically done to create traffic on those particular websites.


  1. Bit coin Trading: Bit Coin is the largest crypto-currency available today. You can simply trade or invest in Bit coin and start earning profits from the same. Crypto currencies are the new form of finance; it doesn’t have any physical form like coin or card, it’s a complete electronic form of money, which makes it the money of the modern world.  It’s called crypto currency because it uses cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money. After everything being digitalized, why shouldn’t money be in the same league?!