Hereon, I will take up a topic in SEO and explain it in detail. Today, I have taken Backlinks and will be
explaining meaning of it and its importance in SEO.
The term backlink is frequently used in Search Engine Optimization. As much as it is frequently used
verbally and in action, most do not know the importance of a backlink for your blog.

What are Backlinks?
Backlinks are hyperlinks on a website that route you to another website when clicked. They are also
known as incoming links and inbound links. They are the clickable text on the webpage.



Example of a Back link:

Backlinks is a crucial factor in building credibility of the website. It helps in increasing the traffic to
your site. The more the number of visitors on your website, you score higher SEO points. Backlinks
are very useful in increasing your rankings, however not all backlinks would have a positive impact.
Some may even have a negative effect. The search engine takes in to account multiple factors while
evaluating the backlinks on your page. Most importantly, it consider quality over quantity of
I have made checklist, which would certify a qualitative backlink. However, each SEO consultant may
have a slightly different opinion on this checklist.

Checklist for a quality backlink

1. Relevant Source
Search engines expect relevance in the websites when delivering results. They scan the websites for
relevance in the user’s query and accordingly provide search results. They also consider relevance in
the backlinks for ranking a page. They look for overall relevance in terms of relevance of the linking
site, the relevance of the specific page with the link on it, and the relevance of the content directly
surrounding the link.
Example: A food blogger has backlinks of “Where to eat the best vegetable biryani in Hyderabad”,
“The top 10 best street food places in India”.

The above example is a relevant source. Instead of food, if we found backlinks of automobiles,
beauty in her blog, it would be irrelevant content.

2. Trustworthy Source
The backlinks should be from a trust worthy source. Good quality backlinks would come from a high
quality website and the high quality website should be trustworthy and recommended. Google has a
set of seed sites (Wikipedia, BBC, The Huffington Post) to know which has high quality and which
doesn’t have. The closer your source is to the seed site, the backlink ranks higher in trust and quality.

3. Unpaid Links
Paid links can improve your search engine rankings. However, they are not classified as high quality
links because there is a certain amount of risk involved in them. It is against the guidelines of the
Search Engine rules to acquire a paid link and if your website is found to be doing so, you may get
pensalised.Any form of purchased link, be it, payments made to a website owner directly to add the
links on their site or through a third party linking site like blog network are illegal.

4. Not easily acquired
A link that is easily acquired will have less value. If acquiring good quality links weresimple, there
would have been thousands who would have done it before you. The chance is that if you get a good
quality link within a couple of minutes, you would have invited attention from all over the web
including your competitors who would have by now reviewed the backlinks on your website and try
to replicate a similar strategy on their website to boost their ranking. Once your link is replicated by
your competitor, the value of your link would decrease.

5. Fewer backlinks on the page, the higher the quality
Multiple backlinks on the website divides the trust and the authority flowing through the page. It is
advised lesser backlinks on the webpage would increase the quality of the links, thus the trust and
the authority passed on is less diluted. The thumb rule is to have less than 10 external links on your

6. In-content
In-content backlinks (i.e. backlinks within a block of text) are most likely to be editorial links, which
are exactly the type of links that search engines value most, and if a link is included early on in a
piece of content then it’s natural to assume that the author of that content considers it be an
important link. Therefore, a backlink within the main content area of a page, and towards the top of
that content area, is considereda more high quality than a link lower down the page or in the sidebar
or footer.

7. Different sources
The search engine also evaluate the source of the backlinks on the website. It is advisable to have
backlinks from different sources to increase the quality of the webpage.
Example: You can have 7 backlinks from 7 websites to increase the quality of your webpage rather
than backlinks from 3 websites. Every time, you add a new backlink to your website, make sure it is
from a unique source or it has not been linked to you.

8. Exact word match anchor link text used
The hyperlinked text should have similar or same keywords to the ones that you are trying to
improve your page rankings. If they match, the quality of your backlinks improves. It is not possible
to use the same keyword for multiple backlinks in the webpage. It would be best to use variations in
this case.
Example: If you are trying to rank your site for “beauty advice”, you can use keywords like “how to
look young and beautiful”,” evergreen and beautiful”, “bold and beautiful”.

If your backlink ticks most of the boxes in the above checklist, it could be certified as a good quality