Digital Marketing is a modern way of reaching out to the audience as mostly everyone is able to carry at least one gadget and internet on the go. Digital Marketing plays an important role in the promotion of any product/ services using it various forms of Electronic media, since everything today is on internet. Digital marketing has brought international & domestic market together which results in increasing the possibilities of growth of business.

We come across people saying, Why to study Digital Marketing? My point is “Why Not?!”

Marketing is all about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time. Every individual mostly spends most of their time online on some or the other social media platform or informatory websites, which is where it becomes easy to reach them without having to go out physically or spending money.

By incorporating technology-focused strategies into marketing, business owners can gain better outputs easily.

Any industry has two sectors – Product & Services. Some focus on Product and some on Services. How does it reach out to everyone? Gone are those days when people use to stick bills on boards, distribute pamphlets, make cold calls to attract customer and increase consumer base.

People today use digital platforms for marketing their business or brand. Even Consumers are more comfortable using digital devices to get what they want instead of actually making an effort to visit any shops physically as somehow it saves a lot of time and energy, plus you get varieties to choose from.

We are into the era which is known for its information providing technologies.  Everything is available at one click. Be it any product or information about it. Earlier people took advice from others; nowadays anything you need to know is available on your phone. This is where Digital Marketing gets importance as it can help business increase their Sales & Services in no time.

Taking up Digital Marketing is the step towards successful future. As it is here already and will remain forever. It will only keep upgrading. As we are already using Digital Marketing methods without even realizing about it, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Content Marketing,  Campaign Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, many more . Each one of us is already into it.

Every company, be it huge or small, depends on their clientele data base. With digitalization, it becomes easier to capture and secure the data.  Also, with Digital Marketing, you always have an exact idea of how many customers are viewing your website or trying to gain information about your product/ services. Since all this is happening on your website, you can always get help from Google Analytics, track Stats and information of the customers. Such As:

  • Number of people visiting your business page
  • Their geographic location
  • The sex, age and interests of the visitors
  • How much time they are spending on your site
  • The source of traffic from various gadgets
  • Website bounce rates
  • How the traffic has changed over time


This is one of the many reasons why we have to step into the Digital Marketing and gain as much knowledge as we can to get into the better future.

Digital Marketing is not a limited platform; there is a lot it brings to table. You can always find a great job relating to your course. You can always make it a source of additional income by taking up freelancing work. There are always up-gradations to it and you can always make good future by learning the basics of it.