Digital Marketing is a very dynamic field. It is constantly evolving since the last couple of years. Today, Communication is more about enhancing customer experience and not just hitting the right target group.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 trends in Digital Marketing in 2018.

  • Use of Chat bots

I have been using the HDFC website to transact often. Very recently, they have introduced a Chatbot named EVA who answers your banking queries via a chat feature. Niki, an independent chatbot was developed in May 2015 by IIT Kharagpur graduates Sachin Jaiswal, Keshav Prawasi, Shishir Modi and Nitin Babel. Its functionality is similar to EVA. It offers broad range of utility, travel & entertainment services like mobile recharge, bill payments, booking cabs, buses, hotels, movies and events. It has consumer base of 100k customers. They have partnered with Uber, Ola, Paytm, and BookMyShow to provide these services. Companies with a large consumer base are introducing the chatbot feature in the customer care system to manage the customer communication efficiently.

  • Benefits of using Chatbot

They are easy to use and provide a quick solution.

They provide customized solutions.

Some chat bots are well integrated to perform tasks related to different areas like travel, utility, entertainment. It is a one stop destination.

  • Use of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

A classic example of augmented reality is Pokémon Go. It was a location based AR game launched in 2016. The game utilizes the player’s mobile device’s GPS ability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, which appear on the screen as if they were at the same real-world location as the player. The game was considered as a global phenomenon. Sephora is another organization to understand the importance of AR in beauty shopping. They introduced a “Sephora Virtual Artist” in its app in March 2017.The feature, scans your face, figures out where your lips and eyes are, and lets you try on different looks. Samsung had launched its mobile VR headset gear in November 2015.It released an ad campaign of an ostrich who wears the headset and achieves its goal of flying.

We have already seen the use of AR/VR in beauty & games and how digitally enriching our experience can be. We can hope to see more of it in other sectors too.

  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics

  Big Data technologies help in identifying consumer behavior and help creating experiences or products which induce further purchase or stickiness. Ecommerce & travel companies use predictive analytics to track a consumer’s behavior on its website and accordingly suggest recommendations based on the pattern. Due to the methods, you may often receive personalized mails or messages about a particular product you have been wanting to purchase, place you may be wanting to visit, etc. A lot of importance is being attached to how efficient big data can be in today’s world. Ecommerce companies are spending crores of their revenue to build data labs to increase and retain their customer base.

There has been shift in Digital Marketing field since the last couple of years. More and more methods have been introduced to enhance customer experience digitally. While the above three are expected to dominate the Internet age in 2018, we can definitely anticipate some more joining this list.